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    • Talent Strategy

      Here is an excellent platform to achieve career and dream!

      The company's open employment mechanism and open and respect for talents have attracted a group of top talents from overseas, world top 500 enterprises and excellent domestic enterprises. The continuous rapid development of the company has formed the continuous demand for talents.

      Human resource philosophy
      Employees are the company's most important partners;

      standard of behavior
      To empower our partners;


      ● Compensation Benefit:
      With the competitive salary in the industry and region, excellent talents will gain not only the sense of achievement in career, but also the reasonable return in interest. Currently, the company provides employees with five kinds of insurance: industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance, endowment insurance and medical insurance

      ● promotion:
      The company advocates "fair, just and open" competition environment, and strives to make every employee have sustainable development space;

      ● Assessment:
      An effective incentive evaluation system can achieve the goal of working together, pursuing excellence and sharing results by rewarding and rewarding outstanding employees and providing opportunities for long-term career development.

      ● Train:
      The company continuously introduces and cultivates talents, provides the business, the skill and the management occupation comprehensive development space, has the system complete internal training and the external training project, provides the opportunity and the environment for each employee's development and the growth, thus establishes an effective, the vital and the sustained stable staff troop。