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    Guangzhou baiyun sky electronic technology co., LTD., founded in August 1998, is located in guangzhou economic development zone, science city, covers an area of 10868 square meters, existing staff 200 people the company main business for the medical equipment production and sales, is the guangzhou science and technology risk investment co., LTD is the high-tech enterprises in guangzhou municipal government, won several national ministry of science and technology innovation fund for technology-based smes (small project support, passed the ISO9001 and hl-tech corporation's quality management system certification and CE product certificationCompany's main business products include diagnosis and treatment of otolaryngology - head and neck surgery comprehensive workbench series of diagnosis and treatment of gynecology and obstetrics bed series instrument set and one-time use abortion, construction for this company for two 1600 square meters of class 100000 clean workshop and an assembly workshop, and is equipped with electrical safety testing physical and chemical and sterility testing laboratory, equipped with corresponding instruments and equipment, to ensure that products conform to the requirements of the standard medical devices (white clouds blue sky after 10 years of development, established a comprehensive high-quality pre-market sale of after-sales customer service system, pre-salesPlanning and design engineers according to customer needs and actual conditions, including personalized design planning and design for customers;There is a special order tracking system in charge of the whole process of product sales, and timely provide customers with the use and maintenance training after installation;After-sales office have a nationwide after-sales service customer service engineer with regular inspection, maintenance of equipment and to find the problems in time and be ruled out, solving of 400 free service hotline for customers, and directed to mobilize maintenance engineers all over the country with the fastest speed door-to-door service in time, can save a lot of problems for customers